Statement on Racism in Light of Current Affairs

We are a small organisation of just 2.5 people. At present all our team is white so we have wanted to listen to our colleagues and consider how best we can support those around us experiencing huge additional distress at this time. 

First, we state that racism of any kind is utterly unacceptable. We reject any notion that implicit, explicit or systemic racism can be justified. It is a blight on humanity.

Second, we always endeavour to make our work accessible and relevant to ALL members of our industry in all its wonderful diversity. We ask our followers and supporters to help us identify any areas they feel we are falling short and wherever possible we will improve our practice.

Finally, we recognise that what we are seeing at this time has deep and potentially frightening implications for many of our peers that we as a white team are not experiencing. We will listen. We will not presume to know what is best. We will be guided by the voices of those with experience. 

Playing Sane was founded on the belief that we can work for better and change the way we live. We stand with those tirelessly working to eradicate injustice and suffering. 

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